The beautiful Flower of Life Earrings encapsulate the whole universe! This pattern is known as the geometry that emerged from the "great void". It begins with one circle, a circle in which awareness can move from one point to another, because movement is relative in the same way that left is to right and down is to up.

Awareness moves to the top of the circle and draws another circle and it continues moving within the spaces that it creates, in this way awareness goes to the edge of itself and then expands itself once again. This motion of creation forms the patterns that make up our universe.

Awareness is where it all begins and life is truly lived at the edge of the comfort zone!

You can watch a more visual explanation on Spirit Science, here's the link:

Measurements: small earrings drop 4.2cm /1.6 inches maximum diameter / width 3cmcm / 0.95 inches and 1mm / 0.03 thick.

- Color: Brass

- Material: Stainless steel (coated for brass colour)

..‰ª´‰ª´ .‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ‰ª´:::

Hand made with Love

..‰ª´‰ª´ .‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ‰ª´:::


Shipping usually takes between 5-10 working days.

..‰ª´‰ª´ .‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ‰ª´:::

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..‰ª´‰ª´ .‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ‰ª´:::

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..‰ª´‰ª´ .‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ*å«å¬`*‰ۢ.åüåü.‰ۢ‰ª´:::

Big Love From ARYA 仫

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Jackie Stein on September 23, 2015

🌸💐💗♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ SUPER HAPPY♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥💗💐🌸 Ten stars!!!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Amy neumann on September 23, 2015

Love it, thank you for quick delivery, amazing communication and beautiful beautiful clothing items!

Nanette Luca on September 23, 2015

Bought this skirt for a special costume party because I wanted something I'd wear again and I definitely will! So pretty and love the adjustable panels. Well made and quite unique. Absolutely love it!

Momoko on September 23, 2015

It's so beautiful, I love it very much, thank you :)

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