Welcome to ARYA Clothing's progressive fashion. Wear your passion and join the bohemian tribe with unique one-of-a-kind pieces, beautifully handcrafted with personality.

ARYA designs are hand-made with a special blend of tribal, bohemian and gypsy styles, unique materials and lots of love!

Inspired by festival fashion, ARYA designs are made for men and women who love to dance and express the free spirit. ARYA’s unique designs include wrap around skirts that are adjustable for a perfect fit, vests with hoods for pixie personalities, belts with pockets for getting around hands-free, tribal tops for gypsy souls, scarves with hoods for bohemian comfort, pants designed for the freedom to be flexible and jewellery that embodies symbolic art.


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The ARYA crew endeavours to inspire values of kindness, compassion, love and respect. Please contact us if you have any ideas, feedback, comments or queries and we’ll do our best to make you smile.