FAQs – ARYA Clothing





If you are paying with an Aussie bank account, you will be charged in AUD even if you are looking at the prices in USD.Most of our designs are one-size as they are designed to be adjustable for a personalised fitting.If the sizes are not mentioned, you can assume that it is a free size or one size design.The size/measurements are usually detailed in the description.Feel free to contact us to ask about sizes, we're here for you :) 



Wherever possible, we work with natural fabrics. All of our designs are hand-made and hand-dyed and there is some variance due to the hand-made process. If there is variance, it is mentioned in the description.Most of our designs are vegan, with the exception of our alpaca wool designs and leather pocket belts. If "leather" or "alpaca wool" is not mentioned in the product description, then it's vegan :)Most of our designs are 100% cotton. If there's stretch, it's probably got a bit of Lycra in there to make it stretchy :) We have a soft spot for softness, so most of our materials are very soft.



Pre-order designs are usually sent within 2-4 weeks but can take longer, so please contact us to ask for more specific times.If one of the items that you order is on pre-order, we will send all items when the pre-order item is ready to send. If you would like us to send two seperate shipments, please contact us to arrange payment for the second shipping fee.



Yes, we offer wholesale! Contact us for more information.   


Discounts & Coupons

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to our mailing list to get updates on sales and discounts.One discount can be used per transaction. Discounts cannot be combined and coupons and vouchers that have already been discounted cannot be used on discounted items.



We are in Australia but our default currency is USD because most of our orders go overseas. You can change the currency in the top right corner on a desktop or in the dropdown menu on a mobile.


Contacting Us

We usually answer immediately, when we are very busy we still usually answer on the same day. The best way to contact us is through Instagram as we are very present there so we will answer fastest there.You can also contact us using the little message "chat with us" icon in the corner of the screen on our website. We are also available via Facebook and the Contact Us form here.