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Sri Yantra Hatha T-Shirt

Brand: Arya


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Black Sri Yantra
Green Sri Yantra

Comfortable fabric with a sacred geometry mandala.
Our Sri Yantra Hatha singlet is Perfect for casual endeavors and sports practices..

The Sri Yantra is the symbol of nine intersecting triangles within a circle or lotus and is an interpretation of divine feminine energy intersecting divine masculine energy, the balance of yin and yang. The Sri Yantra is the symbolic representation of the cosmic spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti, the highest ultimate force in the Tantric form.

Sri Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important, and powerful Yantras. By wearing a Sri Yantra pattern and meditating on the sacred design, it is believed to bring about material and spiritual wealth, strengthen relationships, enhances peace, happiness, empowerment, authority, prosperity & success.

The Sri Yantra is believed to be the image of the OM mantra, which in the Hindu tradition is understood to be the primordial sound of creation. Thousands of years ago as the Vedic monks sat in meditation chanting the sacred sound of OM, they were able to tune into the vibration of the sound and vision the Sri Yantra image. Modern science, with its research in sound, has been conducting experiments whereby a form of the speaker is placed under a metal plate and sand placed on top. At pure tones, the sand forms particular patterns. At the OM frequency, the Sri Yantra pattern forms in the sand.. a remarkable testimony to the wisdom of the ancient mystics. 

Material : 100% Cotton


Length (shoulder to hem): 23.62" / 60 cm
Bust : 40.15" / 102 cm
Shoulder width seam to seam: 16.53" / 42 cm
Waist : 41.33" / 105 cm

Length (shoulder to hem): 25.59" / 65 cm
Bust : 42.51" / 108 cm
Shoulder width seam to seam: 17.32" / 44 cm
Waist : 43.30" / 110 cm

Hand made with Love ❀


You can wash our designs in a delicate spin, but it is probably best to just hand wash them. We always recommend a gentle detergent and cold wash to be super sure.


Sri Yantra Hatha T-Shirt

Sri Yantra Hatha T-Shirt

Black Sri Yantra
Green Sri Yantra
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