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Hoffman Molecule Necklace Pendant

Brand: Arya


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♥ Size: 1.5" / 4cm in width
♥ Comes with a chain
♥ Length with chain: 25"/64cm
♥ Made from strong yet lightweight stainless steel and coated with a double layer of brass

♥ Delivered in a handmade gift bag.

Size: 1.5" / 4cm in length.
The Alice Molecule Necklace is uniquely expressive and symbolic. The molecular structure was first discovered by Albert Hoffman.

Hoffman discovered the effects of the LSD molecule during experiments for a medicine that he was working on as a pharmaceutical scientist. He touched the chemical and then touched his mouth, accidentally ingesting a small amount. Hoffman describes the effects that he experienced:
"In a dreamlike state... I perceived an uninterrupted stream of fantastic pictures, extraordinary shapes with an intense, kaleidoscopic play of colours".

Hoffman continues to experiment and describes another account of his experiences:

"I was walking on a beautiful May morning. Suddenly I stopped and I had the feeling everything had changed. The woods were beautiful. I had the feeling that I now saw the woods as it really is. I had the feeling I would be included by it. I had a feeling of happiness I never had before. And this gave me the security that if you had open eyes you may see the world in a different way. I mean in you see it as it really is - wonderful. "

Hand made with Love ❀


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Hoffman Molecule Necklace Pendant

Hoffman Molecule Necklace Pendant

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